Current Research Themes:

A. Massively Parallel Data Mining

We are exploiting the latest GPU computing architecture (CUDA 7.X and NVIDIA Kepler K80) to generate highly efficient (one to two orders of magnitude faster) and effective (more precise and robust) solutions for tackling large scale real-world data mining and optimization problems.

We are proud to host the NVIDIA GPU Education CenterAward  Poster 1  Poster 2

Publications: JDSA  PAKDD  CIKM

B. Efficient Clustering Using Boundary Information

We are investigating clustering techniques based on the boundary information of data clusters. Instead of having all the raw data involved in the clustering process, only a small portion of data (5%-10%) is strategically extracted and fed into the traditional clustering method, which can dramatically improve the efficiency of clustering algorithms without compromising the quality of clustering.

Publications: Neurocomputing  PRL

C. Robust Clustering in Strong Noise Settings

We are investigating clustering techniques capable of discovering complex clusters in datasets with significant level of noise (80%). We employ density based multiscale analysis and various statistical techniques to reliably identify noisy objects from "clustered" objects.

Publications: AI 2017 (Award)

Recent Research Theme:

Vision based dynamic hand gesture recognition for touchless human computer interaction.

We developed robust vision based hand gesture recognition techniques using optical cameras, Kinect and Leap Motion, which are capable of reliably detecting, tracking and recognizing flexible human hand gestures under complex environments (unfavorable lighting conditions, occlusions and background noise) and have found exciting applications in our everyday life (smart TV, smart phone, virtual reality and computer games).

Research Showcase:   Poster

Other Research Activities:

Data Mining

  • Classification of Imbalanced Datasets

  • Ensemble Learning

  • Sampling

  • Social Computing & Recommendation

  • Spatial Database

  • Applications: CRM, Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease, Games

Evolutionary Computation

  • Estimation of Distribution Algorithms

  • Landscape Generator

  • Racing Techniques

  • Applications: MRI, Wireless Sensor Networks

A brief introduction of  my previous research experience: here

I have been working with a number of nice people:

A/Prof. Marcus Gallagher Prof. Jianfeng Lu Prof. Maria Orlowska Prof. Shazia Sadiq Prof. Janet Wiles
A/Prof. Xuelei Hu Prof. Feng Liu Prof. Tianming Liu    


No. Name Graduation Research Topic Position
29 Mr. Tao Meng 06/2018 GPU Computing Huawei, Shenzhen
28 Mr. Yuanlong Qin 06/2018 TSPN Zuru, Shenzhen
27 Mr. Yinghao Ren 06/2018 Graph Isomorphism Lenovo Research, Beijing
26 Mr. Tiantian Zhang 06/2018 Noisy Clustering SenseTime, Shenzhen
25 Miss Xin Li 06/2017 Stacking Strategy Tencent (Tenpay), Shenzhen
24 Miss Qiuhui Tong 06/2017 Scalable Custering Discover Financial Services, Shanghai
23 Mr. Jian Xu 06/2017 Graph Isomorphism Sina Weibo, Beijing
22 Mr. Yunchang He 06/2016 Community Detection Research Institute of Tsinghua (Pearl River Delta), Guangzhou
21 Mr. Pengtao Huang 06/2016 GPU Computing Startup Founder, Shenzhen
20 Miss Yuxin Zhang 06/2016 Compressed Sensoring Research Institute of Tsinghua (Cross-Strait), Beijing
19 Miss Na Zhao 10/2016 Data Visualization Chuancai Securities, Beijing
18 Mr. Yan Ji 06/2015 Keyword Extraction TravelSky, Beijing
17 Mr. Fei Wang 06/2015 GPU Computing NetEase, Guangzhou
16 Mr. Shiquan Yang 06/2015 GPU Computing Alibaba, Beijing
15 Mr. Jianqiang Dong 06/2014 GPU Computing Hulu, Beijing
14 Mr. Chunyang Wang 06/2014 Hand Gesture Recognition Ping An Insurance, Shanghai
13 Mr. Zhibo Yang 06/2014 Hand Gesture Recognition Alibaba, Hangzhou
12 Miss Yanmin Zhu 06/2014 Hand Gesture Recognition PhD Candidate, UQ, Australia
11 Mr. Hequn Liu 06/2013 Music Recommendation Everbright Securities, Shanghai
10 Mr. Tianle Ma 06/2013 Social Recommendation PhD Candidate, SUNY Buffalo, USA
9 Ms. Xiaoli Ma 12/2012 Semantic Search PhD Candidate, Peking University, Beijing
8 Mr. Wei Chen 06/2012 GPU Computing China Construction Bank, Beijing
7 Mr. Ze Huang 06/2012 Web Data Mining NetEase, Guangzhou
6 Mr. Cheng Li 06/2012 Music Recommendation China Everbright Bank, Beijing
5 Miss Xiuyun Qu 12/2009 Medical Data Mining Siemens Corporate Technology China, Beijing
4 Miss Xinzhu Yang 12/2009 Ensemble Learning China Everbright Bank, Beijing
3 Mr. Jian Wang 12/2008 Customer Behavior Analysis PhD Candidate, NCEPU, Beijing
2 Mr. Tao Zhang 12/2008 Customer Behavior Analysis Guangxi Tourism Investment Group, Nanning
1 Mr. Bohan Liu 06/2008 Customer Behavior Analysis CISDI, Chongqing